Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Floor Polishing in Kansas City

Your local commercial floor cleaning specialists at +UBM Advanced Floor Care Systems  hope you had a great Thanksgiving and time with family and friends. We offer a ultra-durable, thorough and health based system for floor care, floor waxing, tile & grout cleaning, stone care, floor cleaning and floor polishing in Kansas City, Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee, Overland Park, Lawrence and the entire KC metro. We also offer Project Management & Consulting and a Preventive Maintenance Program for local businesses, warehouses, offices, storefronts and commercial properties in the KC metro. Give us a call today at 913-322-6200 for the best of commercial floor cleaning in Kansas City or visit our website for more info on UBM Advanced Floor Care Systems and our parent company Unlimited Building Maintenance in Kansas City.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What Industrial Floor Coatings Does My Business Need?

Running any business requires a lot of decision making. There are a lot of different ways
you can help protect your business’s costs and profits, but few owners realize that one way
to preserve profits starts from the ground up. At Advanced Floor Care Systems, we know
that with the right industrial floor coatings, you can help protect your industrial surfaces
from expensive stains and damage. Protecting your industrial flooring with the right
industrial floor coatings can help reduce cleaning costs, down time and frustrations. While
our team at Advanced Floor Care Systems does offer many different heavy duty floor
coatings, it’s most important to protect your flooring from staining in the first place. Each
industrial setting and flooring type will call for different industrial floor coatings, but some of
our most popular options include:

Waterproof concrete sealer. Concrete flooring is very common for many industrial
settings, thanks to its low costs and high utilization. But, concrete can become easily
stained and damaged by oils, chemicals and other harmful liquids. With our waterproof
concrete sealers, such as Dura-Seal, you can protect your concrete flooring with a
waterproof concrete sealer that protects your surfaces from staining and even abrasion.
Tile sealer and texturizer. Tile surfaces are another common surface type for many
industrial applications. And at Advanced Floor Care Systems, our Maxx-Durable HG can
help protect your high traffic tiles and grout without changing surface appearance. When
your tiles and grout are protected from staining and abrasion, you’ll find that you’re
scrubbing out fewer and fewer stains. You can also use Ultra-Maxx HG to improve tile
safety with heightened slip coefficients.

Vinyl floor sealer. Vinyl flooring can be incredibly low cost and durable, making it very
common for many industrial settings. While the vinyl flooring itself may be somewhat
inexpensive, it does incur other costs when it’s not properly sealed. Slippery vinyl surfaces
are often made more dangerous through highly expensive polishing that winds up creating
downtime and labor costs for the polishing itself. Instead, our Ultra-Maxx HD can help
protect your vinyl flooring while keeping a beautiful polished finish. In fact, Ultra-Maxx HD
can replace wax floor finishes while increasing the slip resistance and durability of your vinyl

These are just a small sampling of the different industrial floor coatings we’re proud to offer
at Advanced Floor Care Systems. Whether you choose our vinyl floor sealer, tile sealer or
waterproof concrete sealer, you’ll be bringing the best protection to your industrial flooring.
The right coatings can help lower costs and preserve the strength and style of your
industrial flooring. To discover the industrial floor coatings that are your best fit, call (888)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Floor Polishing & Floor Waxing in Kansas City

+Unlimited Building Maintenance is the premier Kansas City floor polishing company and commercial cleaning service for local KC metro offices, properties, buildings, and retail locations. We help many local banks, grocery stores, offices and buildings throughout Overland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee and Kansas City, and we focus on creating a clean and healthy environment for you, your workers and your customers. So if your property, building or office may be in need of some quality floor waxing in Kansas City or general floor care, call Unlimited Building Maintenance today! We can be reached on our main office phone, 913-322-6200 or you can also research our website at for additional details and helpful information.

Kansas City Floor Polishing, Floor Care & Floor Waxing

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Unlimited Building Maintenance

Happy Memorial Day weekend Kansas City! Your friends at +Unlimited Building Maintenance hope you are having an awesome, safe and fun-filled weekend with family and friends. If you are in charge of building maintenance for your office or looking for a great local building maintenance company, UBM offers floor care, floor waxing, floor cleaning and floor polishing in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee, and Olathe. Call Unlimited Building Maintenance today at 913-322-6200 if you need Kansas City floor care today.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Local Kansas City Floor Care

Unlimited Building Maintenance offers floor care and floor cleaning in Kansas City, as well as floor polishing, floor care, tile cleaning, building maintenance and other commercial cleaning needs. We are a proudly locally-based company and are licensed, insured, and well experienced in all of our cleaning and maintenance services we offer to the local Kansas city area. So whether you need floor waxing in Kansas City or even floor polishing in Overland Park, Unlimited Building Maintenance is here to meet your needs and help you maintain your office, building or property. Call us today for more info at 913-322-6200 or visit us on